‘Irawat stood for unity, love and sacrifice’

‘Irawat stood for unity, love and sacrifice’


As a part of the Irawat birth celebration held at Irawat Square in Lilashing Khongnangmakhong Thangmeiband, chief minister, N. Biren today unveiled the statue of Jana Neta Hijam Irawat and appealed to the general public.

Speaking at the occasion, Biren said, the statue of Irawat is placed faced towards Manipur Legislative Assembly secretariat, to remind the legislators of his ideology. “Irawat stood for unity and love between hill and valley people. Unity was his vision for a prosperous Manipur. By celebrating Irawat day, we should remember his dedication and efforts towards maintaining oneness and emotional integrity among the people of different communities,” he stated.

He further urged all to follow the ideals of the great leader, who envisioned a united Manipur.  He also appealed to the general public to stop claiming that Irawat belong only to some particular section.

Biren continued the new government does not believe in rhetorical speechess but in visible actions. Concerning the limited agricultural land in the State, the state government has taken up certain measures, he further said adding in order to preserve agricultural land, the government has amended a building by law by giving approval to construction of building with G+ 7 storeys instead of G+ 3 storeys.

Now, vertical expansion of buildings is required rather than parallel expansion, he added. To enabling double cropping, stress has been given to irrigation, he said. Project proposals have been sent to ministry concerned for rain water harvesting through dams, he added.

Biren further stated that nowadays, the people are lacking in education and moral. Some students are unable to tell the number of districts in the state correctly, he said. Public speakers should also learn to speak with decency, he added.

He said celebrating Irawat day would be meaningful when the generation follows his ideals and translate his philosophies into action.

On occasion, deputy chief minister, Y. Joykumar recalled Irawat’s unique versatile personality and remarked that he was not only famous as a political and social figure. His contributions in the field of art and culture, literature and sports upliftment are noteworthy, he added.

He mentioned that the song ‘Thanggol adu maya thanggu’ written by Irawat and became viral on social media was translated from Bangali and clarified that it was only written by Irawat and one Hemanta Bishwaj from Bengal took the Bengali translated script and sang it in Bangali language.

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