Time management

Time management
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The three major ways in which time can be used are abuse of time, use of time and misuse of time.  To illustrate all three points I have a very real event.  In a village Karsanbhai was an elderly uncle with a very normal condition.  If he were to go shopping in the market, he would rarely come home with something.  As such,  routing life operated and wore clothes that were almost torn.  The flooring of his house was also broken for a long time.  All this we can estimate what their economic situation will be like.  Now it becomes clear that Karsan Kaka’s health has been a little worse for a long time.  Heaven deteriorated further.

There was no back and forth in his family so the gentlemen of the village got together and arranged their funeral.  A few days later, whatever was in his house was planned to give to the right person.  Meanwhile, a bundle was found in one of the boxes from his house while another bundle came out.  It was found through money.  About three lakh rupees was in that bag.  Friends … we have something similar.

The time given to God is much more valuable than that, it is in our hands to abuse, use or exploit the time.  Through the parable of Karsan Kaka we can understand that he did not use any money and left him alone.  I can call that an abuse.  Non-use of time can be called an abuse.  When we do not pay special attention to it.

Many people’s lives are like this dialogue of Hindi picture “Subah hoti hai shaam hoti hai zindagi yuhi tamam hoti hai” The use of time is realized from this dialog.  Nothing important or goal-oriented is working.

Best use of time, just a few days ago, I learned that a few years ago, a few friends used to save Rs 1000 a month by handing out food for the animals in the cage.  Today, the number of friends has grown to a group of about eight hundred people.  Which I can call beat use of time.  This article you are currently reading is also a good use of time.  If a human being is well educated and alert, the value of time can be realized, the journey of life can be very happy.

Otherwise many people go through life as they come.

Hardik Panchal
Motivational Trainer
[email protected]

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